Hi. I’m Josh Williams. I design and code interactive stories at The New York Times, where I’ve been a multimedia editor for eight years. Previously, I worked at the Smithsonian and the Las Vegas Sun, and taught in the journalism programs at UC Berkeley and Columbia.

hello@joshwilliams.com || @sjwilliams


Custom WordPress plugins to feed narrative content into a Rails app highlighting stories and data about NYC schools.

2011 The New York Times (Offline)


Worked with a student on a proof-of-concept, Django-based site comparing demographic and lifestyle data for 65 Bay Area cities.

2009 UC Berkeley (Offline)

Decision Stations

Kiosks present multiple first-person perspectives on conservation topics, illustrating the complexity of real-world issues.

2007 Smithsonian Institution (Offline)

Science Stations

Interactive screens allow visitors to explore three stories of Panda science: medicine, reproduction and animal management.

2007 Smithsonian Institution (Offline)